Our Health and Wellbeing initiatives are positioned as holistic wellness interventions which provide proactive, distinctive individualized and comprehensive learning’s and enablement’s, thereby empowering the employee to attain maximum health, wellbeing and ultimately optimal performance.  The business value proposition of employee health and wellbeing is well documented in business research with a return on investment of ratio 3:5; 1 reflected.  International best practice in employee health and wellbeing programmes relies on ensuring customisation to the organisation as well as personalization for the individual employee.  Customisation to the organisation is pivotally reliant on interpretation of the organisation aggregated health risk profile, whilst individual personalisation is reliant on interpretation of individual health risk and biometric assessments.

Our Objectives

  1. To determine on an individual basis through utilizing employees ‘Health Risk Profiles’ – employee areas of wellness strength and weakness
  2. To develop proactive, relevant and attainable wellness goals
  3. To strategise and formulate systematisized action plans in relation to each wellness goal
  4. To set sustainable time frames and measurements for goal attainment
  5. To provide the facility, both in the form of wellness workshop electives as well as wellness coaching sessions to ensure knowledge and skills necessary to enable and ensure the attainment of wellness goals

Whether we are managing an on-site wellness centre for your organisation or merely a range of bespoke interventions, we can provide: