Successful organisations in today's business environment understand that sustained performance and exceptional results are reliant on the deep sense of understanding that connects an organisation to its people.
Research reveals that there is a direct relationship between an organisations' financial success and its commitment to management practices that view people as assets. In addition, the culture and capabilities of an organisation derived from the way it manages its people, are the real enduring sources of competitive advantage.
Successful organisations view the capabilities of their employees as a core competitive business advantage and accordingly continuously emphasise recruiting, training and developing the highest calibre of human resource capability. In recognising that employees are continuously exposed to numerous sources of stress and pressure, these organisations prioritize the provision of accessible support structures to their employees.
Since emotional, practical and/or personal difficulties directly impact on performance, successful organisations subscribe to the belief that it makes sound business sense as well as consulting good employment practice, to provide assistance to employees experiencing such difficulties.

Maureen Kark and Associates' Employee Assistance Programmes are positioned as outcomes based resource systems aimed at assisting employees whose difficulties are currently affecting and/or have the potential to affect work related performance.

Financial Rationale
The human assets of an organisation are difficult to measure, similarly the costs of ineffective employees are difficult to assess. Monitoring absenteeism and calculating the cost is relatively simple by assessing the impact on the organisation of an employee who is worried about a problem at home, not able to pay a bill, has had a death in the family, is grappling with a work related issue, or is under pressure and does not know were to turn is difficult to quantify. If the cost of time and energy utilised dealing with these issues could be measured and steps were implemented to reduce the impact on the business this would contribute significantly to the financial success of the organisation.
Research findings on Employee Assistance Programmes in both the United States of America and United Kingdom indicate that providing support to employees through an Employee Assistance Programme results in substantial returns on investment.
In financial terms the research indicates that an organisation can achieve a minimum of £ 3 - £4 return for every £1 invested in an Employee Assistance Programme. In addition companies with an Employee Assistance Programme were found to have 2,6 days less absence per employee per annum. This equated to a savings of approximately £60 000 per annum for an organisation of 500 people.
United States research reveals that employees experiencing significant personal difficulties cost the employer 27% of their respective salaries in terms of absenteeism, tardiness and impaired productivity. With American statistics indicating that approximately 18% of employees in any organisation are "distressed", the negative financial impact for organisations are evident.
If one combines these costs with the cost of dismissing and replacing an employee experiencing difficulties, the financial implications become alarming.
Taking cognisance of the financial implications to the organisation of distressed employees, the cost of providing the employee with access to the appropriate intervention is viewed by most organisations as making sound financial sense.  

Social Investment Rationale
In spite of some organisations utilising the old, haphazard, "crisis management mode" of dealing with employee' problems, progressive organisations have followed global trends in recognising that employee' problems do affect productivity. These organisations have incorporated Employee Assistance Programmes in the form of workplace-linked counselling systems, into their core business structures.
Employee Assistance Programmes in these organisations are regarded as contributing to the Internal Social Investment requirements of the organisation through the manner in which they respond to and address the productivity, performance and development of overall life skills of employees.

Strategic Business Rationale
Employee Assistance Programmes provide organisation with the cumulative benefits of improved performance and productivity as well as reduced costs through decreased absenteeism, staff turnover and demand on management time.
Appropriate and timely interventions through employee assistance counselling serves to reduce industrial relations issues and labour union involvement. Employee Assistance Programmes thus serve to promote mutually satisfying resolution of conflict situations.
On a pro-active level the analysis of themes and identification of patterns emerging from the Employee Assistance Programme contributes to the identification of organisational developmental issues and the corresponding development of strategic business initiatives and interventions.  

Our Solutions
Maureen Kark and Associates offers a holistic employee assistance and wellness solution, the objectives of which are to provide clients with:

This holistic solution encompasses:

The Service
In partnership with the organisation' Human Resources Division and other divisions of the organisation, the Employee Assistance Programme customised by Maureen Kark and Associates offers cutting edge Employee Assistance Interventions which comprise: Management Consulting
Provision of a counselling service for managers to assist: Telephonic Helpline
Provision to employees and family members of access to: Life Management Services
Provision of 24 hour advice, direction and professional guidance to assist employees and family members in resolving practical life issues. Life Management Services cover: Customised Developmental Programme
Customised to address identified organisational trends and themes including: Corporate Research and Management Information Services

Including: The Model

Life Skills Programme
The Life Skills Programme is a Maureen Kark & Associates psycho-educational initiative and life skills training benefit to employees.  Presentations are usually one hour long and sessions are provided on a monthly basis or as required.
The aim of the Life Skills Programme is to proactively assist employees with the development of the knowledge and skills required to facilitate wellness and optimal functioning in personal, interpersonal and work related areas of life.
Any issues identified by employees in the Life Skills Programme can be explored in greater depth by utilizing any available counselling service such as an Employee Assistance Programme or through longer experiential workshops offered on demand.

Life Skills Programme Topics: