Maureen Kark & Associates offers the following Organisational Development interventions:

  1. Leader as Coach Programme
  2. Stress and Resilience Programme
  3. Behavioural Risk Audit
  4. Valuing Diversity: Employee Diversity Programme
  5. Graduate Development Programme

Leader As Coach Programme

Programme Overview
The “Leader as Coach Programme”, is positioned to provide leaders with the knowledge and coaching skills required to engage in conversation with and facilitate the development of new employees or graduates within the organisation.  The foundation stone of the programme is the harnessing of internal resource capability, for the development and growth of the resource capability of the organisation.

Programme Objectives

  1. To develop the coaching skills of “Leaders” within the organisation, thereby facilitating the transfer of business, operational and cultural capability of new starters
  2. To provide theoretical skill based training in “coaching” including:
  3. Theoretical Models and essential coaching methodologies
  4. “Real time” facilitation of coaching experiences
  5. Concepts and Issues impacting the coaching relationship
  6. Facilitated opportunities for practical application of coaching theory
  7. To facilitate the development of coaching capability through experiential learning in individualised coaching sessions by professionally qualified coaches.

Stress and Resilience Programme

Programme Overview
Stress is a generic term encompassing a range of issues that include the stimuli producing stress reactions, the reactions themselves and various intervening processes or adaptations.  It defines a large and complex spectrum of personal functioning and requires an intervention which provides both insight regarding stressors as well as customised personal strategies to meet the unique goals and objectives in a wide variety of contexts for the individual in attaining wellness.
The Stress and Resilience programme is positioned at the cutting edge of Stress Reduction and Resilience Development, offering a powerful combination of Cognitive Training, Behavioural interventions and clinically proven strategies to manage stress in the most challenging circumstances.  The principles and techniques which delegates learn are essential for successful self mastery, focus and an ability to work effectively with others.

Programme Objectives

  1. To identify, monitor and reduce stress, through the provision of experiential processes, which are personally meaningful and relevant to the individual in improving energy, self esteem and promoting the overall health of the delegates and ultimately the group
  2. To provide unique insight and expertise in assessing and addressing stress management and developing resilience capacity in employees.
  3. To facilitate insight and assist the delegates in accomplishing his or her unique goals and objectives regarding stress management in a wide variety of contexts
  4. To create powerful practical, hands on methodologies to enhance performance, productivity and memory

Behavioural Risk Audit

Programme Overview
This programme is an interactive health and behavioural risk audit programme that would assist Human Resources and Management to better understand its employee’s lifestyle preferences and habits, behavioural risk profiles and distinctive features.  The programme is positioned as a relationship-building exercise between Human Resources and employees with a view to improved communication and understanding.  The programme is further envisaged as providing information to inform talent retention strategies and for positioning strategies, benefits and incentives aligned to employees needs.

  1. Employees are requested to participate in submitting demographic data and answering the profiles, which include:
  2. Coping Style and Physical Health Profile – a profile relating to coping and stress management styles.
  3. Work Life Profile - a profile relating to assessing their work, relationships and environment.
  4. Home Life Profile – a profile that assesses personal relationships, personal issues impacting work and their financial health.
  5. Data is analysed and employees receive individualised reports and the organisation receives regional /divisional and group reports.

Valuing Diversity: Employee Diversity Programme

Programme Overview
A core challenge in business today is the valuing of the diversity of perspectives that a multicultural group brings to an organisation.  The “Valuing Diversity Programme” facilitates the perception of a shared work environment that welcomes and respects diversity, values differences and maximises the unique contribution of each employee to the business.  The programme is positioned to explore the challenges that arise from the diverse nature of individuals and teams and provide a platform for the maximisation of individual contribution, team goals and group performance.

Programme Objectives

  1. To explore and mobilise differences – ethnic, cultural, racial and gender as sources of individual and organisational effectiveness
  2. To dismantle communication barriers and initiate an experience of shared team goals through facilitated understanding of multiple perspectives and backgrounds
  3. To develop awareness of individual personality style and work style within teams thereby maximising business, operational and cultural  capacity of individuals, teams and the organisation

Graduate Development Programme

Programme Overview
The Graduate Development Programme is positioned to facilitate the cultural, business and operational integration of Graduates, thereby ensuring the maximisation of confidence, creativity and contribution from these employees. The programme may be offered as an extension of an induction programme to create a climate that fosters both performance as well as a sense of pride and purpose.

Programme Objectives